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Our Services

We at the Commonwealth Cancer Association understand that whether you are a newly-diagnosed patient, getting ongoing treatments, or a caregiver, a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. You might feel like you need to put your life on hold for your treatments. Our services aim to help overcome the barriers which can stop you from getting the treatments, supplies, and nutrients that are critical to your health. 

Our services are made available to you upon your registration with CCA. This form is available digitally on our 'Resources' page, and physically in our office and wherever you may be seeking treatment. Each year, from the initial registration date, a recertification letter from a doctor must be submitted to continue treatments. 

Though we would like to provide services to everyone who has dealt with the severity of cancer, our funding limits our reach to those in the pre-op and post-op stage of treatment. Our services will automatically discontinue when we receive a certification letter stating that the client is in remission. After remission, we at the CCA would love to continue our relationships with our clients and see them at survivors' functions and at support groups. 

Client Services

The CCA provides financial assistance in the form of vouchers of up to $750 annually for each client. This, while not covering medical or surgical procedures, can help cover costs of nutritional supplements, prosthetics, and wound care supplies at the prescription of your doctor or oncologist. The CCA also works with Marianas Medical Supplies, LLC., Health Care Specialties, and Medquest Medical Supply to provide equipment like wheelchairs, hospital beds, and oxygen concentrators for clients' use at home.


Survivor and Caregiver Support

Briefly on pause out of an abundance of caution related to the COVID-19 pandemic, the CCA is working to re-establish monthly support group meetings for cancer patients, survivors, and caregivers. Each meeting provides a safe and confidential place to meet others in similar circumstances, so those affected by cancer can share their experiences and develop new relationships with one another. 


Patient Navigation

We at the CCA understand that coping with the day to day life of cancer treatments can be overwhelming. To help, we offer patient navigation services, helping our clients overcome the barriers which can prevent them from getting the care that they need. For some patients, life cannot be put on hold for treatments, so our patient navigator works closely with patients and their caregivers to ensure they are able to get the necessary treatments to get a handle on their journey with cancer.


Awareness, Prevention, and Education

To increase visibility and promote prevention, the CCA produces educational publications that are available at our office. These are tailored to the diverse population of the CNMI and range from pamphlets to radio interviews. We also participate in community events and give educational presentations in schools, to reach people of all ages. In our efforts to reach all corners of the community, we have launched social media platforms telling stories of how cancer can impact lives from the perspective of a patient, their caregiver, their family, and their doctors. Finally, for those facing the hard moments of a new diagnosis, the CCA maintains a roster of healthcare practitioners and survivors willing to share their experiences and advice. 


Fundraising, Grants, and Donations

To provide our services to our clients, the CCA is funded by local, federal, and non-profit grants. These funds are supplemented by fundraising events, like the Marianas March Against Cancer, and the generous donations of our donors and sponsors. 

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