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Our Services

The Commonwealth Cancer Association, Inc. (the CCA) is a community-based nonprofit organization dedicated to serving as an advocate for cancer issues in the CNMI.


Cancer touches every corner of our community and is often diagnosed in the late advanced stage which is life-changing for the survivor, their caregivers, and the people who love them. The CCA’s Board of Directors and Administrative Staff work continuously to raise awareness to the signs of cancer, to educate the public on prevention, and to ensure that cancer screenings are easily accessible to everyone.


Functioning as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, the CCA operates with a small but powerful staff and an engaged Board of Directors. Our efforts are only successful with the support of our survivors, our community, and our business partners, who rally with us in our fight for a cancer-free CNMI.

**Please send your completed registration form, valid I.D., and insurance card(s) to

**Please do not hesitate to contact us at 670-682-0052 for any questions or concerns.

Client Services

The CCA has developed a close working relationship with local physicians who provide cancer treatment and care in the CNMI. This close relationship allows medical providers to assess a clients’ need for CCA services and certify them accordingly.


Each year, the CCA provides a limited threshold amount of financial support for nutritional supplements, personal care supplies, and medical equipment rentals that are specifically prescribed by their physician. We work closely with Medicaid and a variety of vendors to ensure clients can access the necessary supplies.


Awareness, Prevention, and Education

The CCA believes that the most effective way of preventing cancer and ensuring early detection is through education across all ages - with importance placed on initiating awareness from an early age.


Along with print and digital resources available in our office and on our website, the CCA utilizes social media platform to increase community engagement.


Partnering with the CHCC Oncology Center, local physicians, and dental clinics, the CCA conducts presentations for all ages to educate the community on common types of cancer, symptoms to watch for, and the importance of cancer screening. For FREE oral cancer screenings, schedule an appointment with ANY local dental clinic.


Fundraising, Grants, and Donations

Anticipating the relaunch of our signature fundraising event, Marianas March Against Cancer in 2024, the CCA continues its strong partnership with local small businesses to raise funds and awareness through smaller-scale events and activities.

All funds raised by, or for, the CCA go toward funding our client support services, educational outreach activities, and operational expenses. We extend a heartfelt thank you to all our business and community partners for your unwavering support.

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