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Resources for Cancer Survivors

The Commonwealth Cancer Association, Inc. is staffed with individuals who are very familiar with the protocols associated with cancer in the CNMI. That being said, the CCA is not comprised of medical professionals nor is the CCA an authority on cancer research. This page consists of resources from medical authorities in the CNMI and in the USA to ensure that those affected by cancer have the necessary information to make the best decisions for their health.

Our Resources

Our cancer resource booklets are a valuable tool for anyone facing a cancer diagnosis. Each booklet is designed to provide clear and concise information, with a focus on compassionate support and guidance.

Learn more and download our free booklets today!

Local Resources

Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation (CHCC)

CHCC Oncology Center: Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation (

Doc Talks with Dr. Peter Brett on Facebook:

For information about the Oncology Center's Cancer Screening Program, which is offered at no cost to CNMI residents, call CHCC at +1 (670) 234-8950 and ask for the Oncology Center, or the Cancer Screening Program.

Prevention & Early Detection

For Cancer Patients: Diagnoses and Treatments

American Cancer Society

About Cancer Treatment and Physical Side Effects:

Mental Health and Cancer

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