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Who We Are

The Commonwealth Cancer Association, Inc. (CCA) is a community-based nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization located on Saipan, in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI). We are dedicated to providing patient and caregiver support, to promoting cancer awareness and prevention, and serving as a liaison and advocate for cancer issues in the CNMI and region.

The CCA began as a coalition of volunteers committed to reducing the burden of cancer in the CNMI. These volunteers have since served on the Board of Directors and trained those who followed them. The board is also actively involved in raising funds, participating in training, outreach, and patient support programs.

Six volunteers serve on CCA's board of directors, along with a non-voting medical advisor and a non-voting medical advisor. The board represents the diverse population of the CNMI, bringing different perspectives to strategic planning and the development of policy and program. The board also retains the services of an Executive Director, Administrative Assistant, Patient Navigator & Outreach Coordinator, a Social Media & Marketing Coordinator, and one accounting consultant to prepare financial reports.

The CCA's programs are fully supported by federal and local grants, as well as the generous contributions from corporations, families, and individuals.

Our Mission

Our mission is to advocate for a cancer-free CNMI through public education and awareness about cancer prevention and screening. We provide support for cancer patients, survivors, their caregivers, and their families through community partnerships and programs. 

Our Values

Our values -- collaboration, caring, integrity, and service -- guide our conduct as we work towards furthering our vision of a cancer-free CNMI.

2023 Board of Directors

The CCA Board of Directors sets the direction for the CCA each year. Our Board is comprised of seven members who meet monthly with the administrative staff to make the best decisions possible for the organization. The Board makes the executive decisions which govern CCA actions over the course of the calendar year.

Roman 'Bo' Palacios

Board President

Nicolette Villagomez

Board Vice President

Tina Marie
M. Auguon

Board Secretary

Annie C. Trusso

Board Treasurer

Marie "Malua" Peter

Board Member

Monique B. Sablan

Board Member

Jocelyn F. Deleon Guererro

Board Member

Administrative Staff

Our administrative team run the day-to-day operations of the Commonwealth Cancer Association. Combined, the CCA's Executive Director, Patient Navigator & Outreach Coordinator, and Social Media & Marketing Coordinator work to advocate for our clients, advocate for our cancer-related challenges in the CNMI and raise awareness and funds throughout the year.

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